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Fullerene wilth three reactive centres on periphery

Just three clicks

04 June 2010

Three different reactive centres can be attached to a fullerene surface using click chemistry

Fullerene B80 structure

Exploring fullerenes

04 June 2010

A low-lying icosahedral B12 structure contains core-shell structures of B80 fullerenes

Paracetamol tablets

Polymorph headache solved

04 June 2010

The mystery of paracetamol has finally been unravelled

 coordination cage

Trapping aromatics

23 April 2010

A self-assembled coordination cage enables inert aromatics to undergo cycloadditions by encapsulating them within the cavity

Colorful swirly image


23 April 2010

Carrying out photochirogenesis in a chiral ionic liquid gave chiral products in good enantiomeric excess

hydroxyl groups in amorphous silica-alumina

Zeolitic strength

23 April 2010

Spectroscopic evidence to show that bridging hydroxyl groups have zeolitic strength in amorphous silica-alumina


Turning on to stress

21 April 2010

A profluorescent probe capable of detecting oxidative stress in living cells could provide insight into disease


A step towards polymer solar cells

21 April 2010

Scientists in Taiwan have made ladder-type polymers that show promise for photovoltaics


Hierarchical microspheres dielectric performance

19 April 2010

Synthesising titanium dioxide hierarchical microspheres using a supersaturated spontaneous nucleation method


Clicking into place

19 April 2010

A rapid strategy has been developed for on-resin cyclization of peptides using thiol-ene click chemistry


Mutant creation

19 April 2010

A mutant enzyme shows enhanced catalytic activity and enantioselectivity toward poor substrates


Shape selective synthesis

19 April 2010

Creating nanosized hexagonally shaped zeolitic frameworks and looking at their sorption properties


Ligand releases NO gas

08 April 2010

Copper complex mimics an important step in the global nitrogen cycle