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May 15-19, 2006

NASA Nebraska Space Grant Consortium

NASA Scholarship Open for Students, Faculty

A scholarship competition to develop workforce skills in areas of math, science and technology is available through the NASA Nebraska Scholarship for Service.

The scholarship is an opportunity for students to receive a scholarship to conduct research or an educational project with faculty members. Graduate and undergraduate students of all disciplines are eligible. NASA encourages women, minorities and students with disabilities to apply. Applications are due May 31. For more information, visit http://nasa.unomaha.edu/

UNL Scientists Strike Gold With Discovery of First Metal Hollow Cages

Xiao Cheng Zeng
Professor Xiao Cheng Zeng
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University of Nebraska-Lincoln scientists looking to fill gaps in basic understanding about gold's structure at the nanoscale has turned up a full-sized and surprising discovery -- hollow cage-like structures made of pure gold atoms.
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UNL chemistry professor Xiao Cheng Zeng and colleagues reported in this week's Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences' online edition that they have found evidence of the first free-standing hollow cage structure composed of clusters of pure metal atoms, which they've dubbed golden hollow cages. Illustrations of their discovery will be on the cover of the May 30 print edition of PNAS. It's believed to be the first UNL research featured on the journal's cover.

These structures, many of which look somewhat like bird cages, can host an atom inside. Scientists might someday be able to harness these truly tiny cages to carry useful guest atoms for medical or industrial purposes.

"I'm excited by this discovery. These are the first metal hollow cages," Zeng said. "No one expected the cage structure. It was a shocking surprise." more...

Tristam Shandy: A Cock And Bull Story, Lonesome Jim Play at the Ross

UNL's Mary Riepma Ross Media Arts Center presents Tristam Shandy: A Cock And Bull Story, and Lonesome Jim. Both will be showing through May 25.

now showing a the ross
In Tristam Shandy, What begins as a seemingly straightforward attempt to recreate the frenetic novel The Life And Opinions of Tristam Shandy, Gentleman--starring Steve Coogan as the title figure and Rob Brydon as his Uncle Toby--quickly derails into a behind-the-scenes document of the film's actual production. Working triple time (for he also plays Tristram's father), Coogan is hilarious as the insecure "Steve Coogan," a shallow actor who is more interested in his cute assistant (Naomie Harris) than the mother of his newborn child (the always delightful Kelly Macdonald). Meanwhile, "Rob Brydon" is trying desperately to convince "Steve Coogan" that his role is a co-lead, not merely a supporting one. As the production threatens to spin out of control, the filmmakers hire Gillian Anderson (playing herself, of course) to fill a much-needed role. Coming off like a madcap collision of Barry Lyndon and 24 Hour Party People, Winterbottom's film is a hilarious and surprisingly tender ode to fatherhood and moviemaking in general.
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In Lonesome Jim, Jim (Casey Affleck) begrudgingly returns to his hometown in rural Indiana after failing to make it on his own in New York. He soon remembers why he left: a doting but overbearing mother (Mary Kay Place), a distant father (Seymour Cassel), and a depressed older brother (Kevin Corrigan) whose "accidents" seem suspect at best. Jim is soon forced to take on his brother's duties - working at his parent's factory and helping out with his two rambunctious nieces. Crippled by obligations and anxieties, Jim trudges on though every day monotones and the family's collapse after mom is mistakenly taken for a suburban drug smuggler. Almost miraculously, hope springs from his developing relationship with a local nurse (Liv Tyler) and her young son, and Jim slowly learns to move forward without leaving anyone behind. Steve Buscemi's seamless direction and James C. Strouse's thoughtful script paint a picture of working-class characters filled with the comedy and rich details of everyday life.

More information is available at the Ross website.


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